Chronic Back Pain Limits Brain Power

Chronic Back Pain Limits Brain Power

You don’t need to be a scientist to know that chronic back pain can have a negative impact on your life, often bringing with it anxiety and depression. It can affect your ability to work, sleep and perform other daily activities.

Until recently, it has been assumed that whatever changes occurred in the brain as a result of chronic back pain were only temporary and that the brain would revert to a normal state once the pain stopped.

Recent findings by researchers . . .


The Most Important Thing to Baby Boomers Today

The Most Important Thing to Baby Boomers Today

Of the many challenges facing Baby Boomers today, what do you think is the most critical?

~ Financing retirement given the present economic crises, inflation of life’s necessities and deflation of hard earned assets.

~ Rising medical costs, especially with so many new and effective life extending options coming online.

~ Keeping pace with technologies that present the greatest opportunity in human history for those willing to grab ahold.

~ Personal growth, achieving new dreams and goals.

While these may top the list, there’s one thing you must absolutely have