Real Estate Crash on the Way



Boomers have a lot of equity riding on a healthy real estate market. While real estate has been touted as ‘the comeback kid’, the fact remains that without the Fed printing $85 billion a month to buy mortgage backed securities, this market would have remained deader than a door nail these past two years.

Despite continued Fed attempts to hammer interest rates into the ground, government long bond rates have actually doubled since May, sending housing sales into the dumper.

If you’ve been waiting for the perfect time to sell your home, you missed out, as that boat has already sailed.



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Do You have the Right Stomach Bacteria?




Having the right stomach bacteria is like living in the right neighbourhood, going to the right school and hanging with the right crowd.

Research show the right bacteria can spell the difference between good health or poor health. Read more…




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TPP – Latest Attempt to Destroy Humanity


tpp-threat-to-internet-and-healthThe Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP) is being promoted as a trade pact between the US and Pacific Rim nations. Nothing could be further from the truth.

TPP is the banksters, corporate criminals and Hollywood trash’s latest attempt to lock down the American public while providing new markets for its criminal filth. One example is the targeting of women and children by tobacco interests.

This pact is so secret that even Congress is forbidden from knowing or participating. Only Obama and ‘select’ corporate criminals are allowed in. Read more…




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