Civil war is underway in America and an even larger battle is unfolding worldwide, a war against the enslavement of mankind by New World Order crony capitalist oligarchs, banksters, fraudsters and their political lap dog ruling elites.

Central bankers are scrambling to keep the Titanic afloat, but despite their best money printing efforts, the world economy is in a debt induced deflationary spiral.

Only our Creator knows how this war against evil will play out, but one thing is certain, the redemption of mankind will not be determined by the current paradigm, but rather by forces beyond our present vision and understanding.

While the New World Order has dispatched professional teams to marginalize, sidetrack, eliminate and assassinate those who expose and threaten its plan for world domination, worldwide insurrection is already baked into the cake and nothing can stop it.

See for yourself, as David Crowley’s new video documentary Gray State reveals what mainstream media is desperately trying to prevent you from learning.

‘Gray State’ lays bare the New World Order’s police state. The film is an uncut beta version because David Crowley, along with his wife and five year old daughter were found dead in January 2015.

Law enforcement reported their deaths as a murder/suicide, but everyone knows it was another ‘hit’ by the NWO death squad. Versions of this film are being removed from YouTube, so be sure and watch it before it completely disappears.


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