Retirement Worries - Will We Have Enough MoneyCan You Survive Retirement? This is a great question and one that strikes a chord with many facing retirement. The following article offers more great questions in light of the current and likely future headed our way, as well as the most likely solution for most baby boomers who plan on having enough money to fund their retirement. It’s a solution we have been advocating here at Restless Boomers for the last two years.

Can You Survive Retirement?
By Brad Near

Workers and employers in the U.S. are bracing for a retirement crisis, even as the stock market sits near highs and the economy shows signs of improvement.

It is time to ask you some serious questions:

Are you set up where you can maintain your personal lifestyle with your known retirement sources of income?

As we face the probability of a drastically changed social security system in the coming years, do you believe you are buffered with sufficient savings to make up the difference?

Do you fear that changes in America’s medical treatment programs will become so costly that your last ditch survival plan is bankruptcy?

No matter what your age, have you set in place an investment and savings program that is capable of withstanding the possible devaluation or collapse of the American Dollar.

Possibly it is time to seriously consider finding ways to create additional, ongoing sources of income that can be managed during your retirement years.

When one factors in that our average lifespan has increased where more of us are living into our 90’s and above the question hangs over us, “just how are we going to be able to afford to live that long?”

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You see, these are all REAL ISSUES on the table today that were never even contemplated twenty years ago.

New data shows that powerful financial and demographic forces are combining to squeeze individuals and companies that are trying to save for the future and make their money last.

With the collapse of home values, failure of retirement plans, possible eventual meltdown of the dollar and continuing escalation of living costs the picture is bleak.

The percentage of workers confident about having enough money for a comfortable retirement is essentially unchanged lows observed in previous years.

One reason that retirement confidence has remained low despite a brightening economic outlook is that some workers may be waking up to just how much they may need to save.

When one factors in the amount of savings one must have set aside, with today’s low interest rates, it is apparent that we are now a nation where we work until we die. No different than most countries of the world.

Years ago I would fly my private plane to Guaymas, Mexico with my family and spend weekends on our boat and house on the beach. We were always greeted at our plane by Carlos with his two wheeler to helps us with our baggage.

A friendship formed with Carlos over many years and then, due to changes in the real estate industry during 1986-1991 I had to stop my trips to Mexico and concentrate on fighting for the survival of my company. In 1992 I was airborne once again and was met by this aging gentleman, humped over and struggling to make it to our plane with his two wheeler. It was Carlos. “Carlos!” I exclaimed. “It is so good to see you, but my friend you do not look good.” To which Carlo’s replied, “My friend, my health has not been good.” At which time he opened his shirt to show me fresh burn marks from a session with a defibrillator. Carlos told me about his heart attack that had taken place in just the previous four days.

“Carlos, what are doing out here? You should be home resting with family and not working.” To which Carlos stunned me with this statement; “My friend, in Mexico you must work. You must work until you die. There is no alternative.” I was shaken to the core.

Folks, that is now the statement that rings in my ear about America. No different from Mexico. Most of us WILL work until we die. Hate to be the bearer of bad tidings, but that is the REAL WORLD OF TODAY.

Possibly it’s time to be learning more about how you could be creating additional streams of income through your own home based internet business.

Income streams are now being developed by over 75 million Americans that allow them to remain independent of these problems. It’s time to start exploring.

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