Here’s some help with those nagging mistakes most of us make when starting our online business. You don’t have to give up, as there are resources out there and this article will help you to avoid some common mistakes.

The Baby Boomer Entrepreneur and Internet Marketing: 3 Common Mistakes To Avoid  – by Susan Friedmann

Have you gone awry on one or more of the myriad internet marketing business opportunities that are on the internet today? Have you fallen under the spell of the wordsmith who promised immense wealth with little or no action? Guess what? It’s easy to do. Any message that promises to make you wealthy and create financial freedom is hard to ignore.

No matter what is said, you have to use some common sense or you can easily make some very expensive mistakes. The main problem is determining which business opportunity is good, and which are scams.

Just to make matters worse, historically, baby boomers, and others fail approximately ninety percent of the time in the first few months of most business ventures. Generally, people start thinking with their heart instead of their mind, and their emotions cost them the business. What this means is that people make hasty decisions based on how an advertisement or business idea makes them feel instead of on how research shows that it will be successful.

Modern technology allows individuals to almost come into your home, sit next to you and convince you that their business opportunity is the right one. With practiced writers or even sexy and attractive actors on video, your rational mind is overcome with images of driving a Rolls Royce and pulling up to the mansion. You can actually start feeling like money will flow from the heavens with hardly any effort on your part.

If you really believe what these modern-day televangelist pirates are saying, then I also have some land to sell you that has a beautiful view of a swamp. Stop for one minute and think, is there really any way to make tons of money (except the lottery) without doing anything? We all know better than that. It just sounds so nice that we really want to believe. All of us know that it takes planning, timing, energy, and a touch of luck to make a home business successful.

There are many legitimate internet marketing business opportunities out there with a track record of success. These offer profitable online business opportunities based on sound principles and a proven management team. It lies with you to determine which opportunities are legitimate and which ones are the right fit for you. This is where most baby boomers make their mistake, locating the right online business opportunity. Let’s look at three of the more common mistakes to avoid:

1. Jumping the Gun

One click can lead you down the road to money or down the road to disaster. If you don’t take the time to consider that click, you are setting yourself up for headaches, aggravation and eventually disaster. When looking for the right online business opportunity, take your time and do your research before you jump the gun.

Start by thinking of the things you enjoy, finding those types of opportunities and then doing some research. The internet is your source of information for all types of internet marketing opportunities, plus it is also the best resource to find out what others say about those opportunities. All opportunities will have some complaints, but when you come across page after page, look elsewhere.

2. Driven by Idealism

It may sound glamorous, easy and the solution to your problems, but beware. You have to factor in all aspects of your life before you commit to something that may be Ideal on one hand, but will completely disrupt your life on the other. Start by looking at your existing commitments and how much flexibility they may have. Then, build in a buffer for those unexpected things. Finally, determine how much time you can commit to your new endeavor. Once you have that plan laid out, you can look for great business opportunities that fit into your life. Remember, starting out, you will need additional time to get your business going, and then when you learn new skills, it will take less and less of your time to continue.

3. Don’t Ignore the Cost

For whatever type of business you pursue, there will be costs, some up front and some that are hidden. Make sure you factor in all the costs to run the business before jumping into it. Many business opportunities offer low cost entry, but then there are likely to be more costs later. Others offer buy-ins at different levels. No matter what, you need to factor in all of these costs and choose the opportunity that is right for you.

Once you pick the best fitting business opportunity for you, remember to put in the time to find out what others say about how much it will cost you and how much time you will have to commit. It’s always exciting to start something new, just make sure you do it based on your research and available time, not on what your heart says.

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