By: Dieter

Centuries of moral decay, rot and greed caused Martin Luther to post his 95 Thesis which ended up rocking Europe to its very foundation.

Today, Ruling Elites, Banksters, Fraudsters and Corporate Oligarchs are ushering in a new Revolution as the direct result of excessive greed, moral decay and rot on a scale never before envisioned.

The clever conjuring of a myriad of instruments (CDO’s, MBS’s, CMBS’s and a lot of other BS) allowed them to reap huge profits and amass unheard of individual wealth while hiding an unprecedented build up of leverage and debt.

This house of cards has crumbled and the criminals want the public to now assume the consequences of their shenanigans by transferring all ‘downside risk’ to our youth, middle class and retirees. We are supposed to shoulder the responsibility for making those who purchased these now worthless instruments whole.

The planned ‘bailout’ of the rich and austerity for everyone else seemed to be working for awhile, but it’s increasingly apparent that an awakening public is intent upon throwing this monkey off its back.

Occupy Wall Street, Occupy Oakland, Occupy America are the tip of an iceberg so large that it cannot be avoided. A New 95 Thesis has just been posted in Europe as those hungry for justice and real democracy are tired of being taken advantage of.

A total police state lockdown by the criminals’ enforcers or real freedom is on the way. We won’t know the winner for awhile, but you can bet it’s going to be a rough, tough and downright ugly ride.

Restless Boomers, already being affected in many ways, will not escape such profound upheaval and its effects. No pension, 401k, savings plan, stock or bond can be taken for granted.

Financial gurus and planners who largely failed to see this train wreck coming will fall along with the collapsing paradigm.

Boomers won’t want to waste precious time before taking personal charge of your finances, retirement, future and possibly your very survival. You are the only safety net left.