By: Grant & Diane Hernden

All of the treats – including alcohol – that snuck into your diet over the holiday will set you up to crave sugar after the holiday is over. It is true that the more you eat sugar, the more you will want it. Here are sure-fire tips to get you back on track to eliminate those cravings.

Clean out your cupboards. It is ok to throw out or give away all of the sweets and snacks that may be left around in your house. Avoid the trap of putting them in the freezer or the back of the cupboards – when the cravings hit, you will seek them out. Let’s be honest here – cookies taste just as good frozen or stale when you crave them!

Eat protein every time you eat. This will keep you full longer and stop the cravings for any kind of sugar.

Drink lots of water. Remember that thirst can be mistaken for hunger. When you think you are hungry, the first thing you want to reach for is quick, digesting sugar. Drinking water will take the feeling away. Start with 2 glasses of water when you get up in the morning, the drink 1 glass before each meal and keep your water bottle handy to drink throughout the day.

When eating carbs, make vegetables your first choice over fruit. They take longer to digest for the most part and will keep you feeling full longer.

Cut down on the bread pasta in your diet. Equally important, get rid of white flour and white sugar. Eat only whole grains, if you are going to have grains at all.

Take it easy on yourself. Stressing about eating too much sugar will just make you want more. Practice relaxation when the urge hits. Just 5 to 10 deep breaths will be enough to get you past the urge to eat sugar.

Get your body moving again. Exercise is great way to cleanse the body. It is also such a good feeling to be doing something that will enhance your healthy lifestyle.

Remember, most people tend to eat and drink the foods that they know they shouldn’t at holiday time.

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Grant and Diane Hernden, Certified Personal Trainers and creators of, have been promoting health and well-being for over 35 years as physical education teachers and owners of Lifestyle Fitness and Sport, a strength and conditioning business that provides workout programs for elite athletes, working professionals and young adults. Now they have developed a program specially designed for boomers, Age Defying Workouts, the leading health and fitness system for men and women over 50.