By: Cate

Despite your political persuasion, this very simple post on BBoomtown lays it out very simply: if Baby Boomers don’t take up the social media tools, we may very well find ourselves at the mercy of the younger generations totally connected and wielding their political as well as purchasing clout, all at a time when they won’t be happy that our generation has spent all the money and left them with all the debt.

If you have already jumped in with both feet . . . Kudos to you! If you’re among the many who don’t see the need or just don’t want to be bothered, remain unconnected at your own peril.

Not only is getting and remaining connected critical to having our voices heard, it keeps us involved in current events, with our family and loved ones, and really does make life easier when it comes to making decisions and purchases, much of which now happens online. Try it . . . you’ll like it!

Special thanks to @Boomergirls on Twitter