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Protect your brain for the future. Your brain is sending you a wake-up call, telling you that you need to change your lifestyle. Don’t hit the snooze button. Wake up!

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Lifestyle is the problem, but it’s also the solution. And because you can change your lifestyle, you are the solution.

Making simple changes to your lifestyle can stop premature brain degeneration that causes cognitive problems like “senior moments” and “brain fog”. It’s never too soon to start being proactive in protecting your brain for the future.

Book_Shop_Bread_&_Butter_ChroniclesBread & Butter Chronicles

Described as Rich Dad, Poor Dad meets Sex and the City, The Bread & Butter Chronicles is a financial novel about four women, Rita, Marla, Jade and Lori, who decide to transform their weekly lunches into mini money workshops after Rita’s husband dies unexpectedly and she discovers that their financial situation is not what it appeared.

When Marla voices some interest in knowing about their family’s finances, her husband gets defensive and she gets concerned. Jade, a single architect, spends what she makes and her money habits are making her feel trapped in her current position. Lori, a financial planner, is married to a shopaholic, who’s driving them into the poorhouse. If she can’t get him on the same financial page soon, their family’s financial future may be in jeopardy.

There are two ways to read this book. You can enjoy the story as you would any novel. Discover how these women solve their financial dilemmas and enrich their lives at the same time. You can also choose to explore your personal financial situations interactively through the book’s Appendix. At the end of many chapters, there are prompts to guide you to articles and financial forms. Learning about money is a necessity, but it doesn’t have to be a chore. I hope you enjoy the story of Rita, Marla, Jade and Lori as they tackle their financial challenges and learn as much about themselves as they do about money.

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Book_Survive_Coming_Retirement_StormHow to Survive The Coming Retirement Storm

Robert Margetic, MBA, ChFC, CLU, has been advising clients for over twenty-five years in all aspects of retirement and financial planning. He serves as a consultant on advanced planning strategies to attorneys, accountants, and other financial advisors. He is president of Redwood Financial Advisors Inc., a registered investment advisor, and is co-founder and president of Wealthnet, a national trust administration company.

Finally a book that takes a mindful look at your whole being when you plan your retirement. It makes no sense to just figure out how much money you need like so many retirement books do. Instead you get a way to make a plan that takes into account your emotional, physical, mental, social and financial components, allowing you to enjoy all aspects of your retirement.

This book was very easy to read and as a non-technical, non-financial person, and can help you get some control over your retirement plan.  A must read for all people, young and those near retirement, providing guidance for financial and emotional planning.

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LTBPLose The Back Pain – FREE Guide

If you suffer from back pain, neck pain or sciatica, you’ll want to get a copy of this guide right away. It’s completely free and you can get instant access to it online by clicking here.

Over half a million people have used the information and strategies in this free guide to eliminate pain and regain control of their lives. Now it’s your turn. Check this out for relief today.

The principles in this book will help you understand how to you live your life without back pain, neck pain or any other type of physical pain. This free guide breaks down all of the reasons how back pain is caused, what all the “typical” options are for treating it, tells you exactly how to eliminate any existing back pain you may have, and how to prevent any future back pain.


2012-01-23_Mary_Lloyd_BookSupercharged Retirement

Life after retirement is much more exciting if you look beyond what you need for financial security as you prepare for it. Mary Lloyd lays out a whole new paradigm for doing this and shows you how to assess what you really want and need–physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually–to make retired life the most rewarding time of all. Supercharged Retirement will help you conquer the emotional and personal challenges of stepping out of the workforce with solutions that work specifically for you.

This book is a valuable wake-up call, particularly if you’ve been focused on financial planning alone. It will challenge your assumptions about this stage of life, refocus your sense of what s possible, rekindle your passions, and reawaken your drive to spend your time, energy, and resources on what’s important to you.

A passionate guide for making these years sparkle, Supercharged Retirement turns conventional wisdom about how to prepare for retirement on its ear. It delivers practical, easy-to-read advice about a better way to do it, using humor, anecdotes, and exercises along with a wide range of factual information. If you use this book, get ready to launch. With Lloyd’s recommendations, not even the sky is the limit.

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