Making-Money-With-Affiliate-MarketingBy: Dianna Eure Smith

For a retiring baby boomer, permanent retirement is not an option. This includes the ages of approximately 42 to 65. Those are retiring from their jobs are more often than not starting their own business. This age group makes up of about 54% of the workforce when it comes to self-employment. What does this tell you? This is a group of people who are using what they know to set up a profitable income using the Internet.

What type of business do you suppose they might be interested in starting? Since this is the generation that is the first to be Internet savvy, the trend is gravitating towards the web. They know how to use it; they know what kind of profits can be made and most have experience in this area.

One of the most popular businesses among retiring baby boomers as second career is affiliate marketing. The opportunity to promote a certain product or service and draw customers to this service is one of the things a baby boomer may have been doing in their career before retiring. Take for example, a person who retires from a sales position in a major company. They have been doing this all their life and they know just how to get the public interested. So this type of business is a breeze considering their knowledge and expertise.

The actual function of affiliate marketing may be a little different than first hand selling however, the concept is the same. Getting people interested is the first step and helping them to see why they need this product is the second one. Baby boomers are a force to be reckoned with; they are about 80 million and the business world is starting to be monopolized by them. Why? Because one of two things is happening consistently. Either as soon as they retire, they are starting their own business or after retiring they are deciding to get back in the business world so they open their own source of income.

It was not always this way. Just a few years ago when the retirement age was achieved, this was what people did. They retired; they traveled or moved to a warmer climate and spent their retirement years with grandchildren or doing what they wanted to do. The retirement age has risen for many and 65 is not the set age for retirement anymore. This may have a lot to do with the choice to start their own business after retiring from a job they have held for many years.

For many baby boomers affiliate marketing is more than the desire to be doing something. The chance to earn income to supplement their retirement income is paramount. The ability to afford some of the things they may not otherwise be able to afford is another reason. Others turn to affiliate marketing because working is more than a job. They want to have something to do everyday and the extra money is just one of the benefits of having a business.

Another reason they may decide to try affiliate marketing is because work is all they know. Today some employees are under the restraints of company policy which requires retirement at a certain age. Even though the person may feel that they can keep working, it is against company policy. The choice to remain independent and not depend upon a retirement fund and Social Security is one that the retiring baby boomer is choosing.

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