Resources-DrugwatchDrug Watch (FREE) is a comprehensive resource about dangerous side effects and complications from commonly prescribed drugs and oft-used medical devices. Our mission is to educate people about medications they take and the devices that are in their bodies and then to provide resources to help people evaluate whether they have a legal case because of life-changing side effects or complications.

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Easy Organizer

Have you been looking for the perfect place to record your To Do list tasks, projects and, goals, deadlines and the volumes of other information in your life? We found an extremely inexpensive and easy to use tool that can do it all so you can avoid those scraps of paper and sticky notes and focus on what’s important.

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Now you can easily organize every bit of information in your life, in one place and get rid of all those notes that just seem to pile up. Get Organized Now!

Estate Planning OrganizerEstate Planning Organizer

Protecting what you’ve earned and built for spouse and children is an important part of your overall investment strategy. Don’t let lawyers, the government or courts decide what to do with your money and your assets.

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Learn how to protect your family and their inheritance from the trials and expense of probate. Get started today and discover how to build a complete, comprehensive, ironclad and virtually “government-proof” estate plan that protects your assets and your family before it’s too late. There are even little known tricks you’ve never heard about! Think about it …NO more worrying about your hard-earned estate. NO more wondering if you thought of everything.

Resource-Personal LibertyPersonal Liberty Digest

Worldwide revolution is beginning, as governments, corrupted by powerful corporate oligarchs, steal everything that isn’t glued down or screwed down. You won’t want to sit this one out, hoping pension checks, SSI, Medicare, etc. keep on functioning and coming. It’s time to step up to the pump and protect your retirement, healthcare and future. There are simple, easy, inexpensive steps you can take right now.

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This 21st-century survival guide will help you prepare for currency collapse, inflation and the mass choas that’s coming with the impending global financial crisis. This manual is chock-full of proven strategies, techniques and information that can make all the difference in the coming financial emergency. The steps you take now will make you financially stronger… more independent… and more self-reliant.

HPG_Personal_MasteryPersonal Mastery

What’s it worth to be able to consistently reach every goal that you set for yourself? What if there was a fool-proof way to lose weight, stop smoking, build a profitable business, be happier and become a more fulfilled person in general? You’d be excited, right?

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This inexpensive, no-risk program offers concrete information, examples and ways to apply truly powerful techniques to every aspect of your life.

Resource-Real Estate ProformaProForma GURU

Analyze real estate like the Pros! This is a complete Proforma in excel and User guide to build your own analysis. If you’ve decided to take advantage of today’s outstanding real estate opportunities, the next thing you need is a way to analyze potential purchases to ensure they meet with your investing goals and avoid pitfalls. We discovered a very easy, straight forward and affordable program that walks you through all the details.

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This program teaches you how to build a cash flow projection, calculate property values and sale values, model return metrics such as IRR and NPV, understand the basic terms of income property investment and more.

The Awesome Evolution of Baby BoomersThe Awesome Evolution of Baby Boomers

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Being a baby boomer is more than a cute term coined by social scientists. A baby boomer is a state of mind and lifestyle. This unique group of people has seen everything from a television in every home to a computer in every house. Time and technology moved fast during this era and continues to zoom by at breakneck speeds.

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