By Cate

We’re all keeping track of nanotechnology and its great promise for cures of all kinds. Here’s an article from Nanowerk News discussing the reseach and resources being provided for the further development of anti-aging nanocosmetics which are already being produced and sold. These aren’t just for women either.

The ‘double-encapsulation’ technology produces cosmetics that are non-toxic and highly effective. As stated, ‘the active ingredient—uronic acid—is embedded in nanoparticles of cyclodextrin of less than two nanometers. Those particles are, in turn, surrounded by a spherical capsule of beta-cyclodextrin and plant-based lipids with diameters of 80 nanometers. When the nanostructures are applied to the skin, the external capsule dissolves and the nanoparticles of cyclodextrin transport the active ingredient through the transdermal barrier to the skin’s deep layers.’

In addition to practicing our normal anti-aging activities, this is good news. We’ll be keeping track of these new projects which may prove to produce a viable alternative to cosmetic surgery which is invasive, costly and may not always turn out like we expect. Stay tuned!