Is the much touted economic collapse now just around the corner? More and more experts are saying yes every day.  We’re not a chicken little here but it may be the last chance many have to protect themselves in the event of a worst case scenario. The following article, while written over a year ago, is even more relevant today. It first describes what we may see in the coming collapse and then provides information on what to do immediately. Many have already taken these steps, in the context of their bigger plan, to protect themselves.

5 Things To Do Right Now To Prepare
For The Coming Economic Collapse
By Danny Fortune

There is a fast approaching economic collapse on the horizon.

The tsunami that will soon hit the American economy will be unlike any felt before in our history. The US Dollar will be devalued to zero. Runaway deficits and unmanageable debt loads will cripple once and for all the ability of the American government to respond to any type of bailout for any financial institution or large conglomerate that has become insolvent. The US government is insolvent, near bankrupt and has nowhere to turn to save itself, let alone others. The bond rating institutions recently downgraded the credit of the US government to pay its debts, and that was before the latest round of trillion dollar bailouts awarded to the faltering mega corporations in the auto, banking and oil industries, not to mention the Wall Street recipients of taxpayer money.

When the day comes that the US government suspends payments to its creditors, all hell will break lose. Financial institutions will fail. Corporations will cease to exist. Layoffs will be massive and unprecedented. Interest rates will rise to unknown levels. The dollar will be devalued to near zero. Hyperinflation will result as far too many dollars chase too few goods. The price of gold will soar to what experts believe will exceed $ 6,000 an ounce. Economic activity as we know it today will cease to exist. Black markets will take hold and flourish, but in that market there is only room for gold, and no dollars. Government buildings will be overrun with desperate people seeking the help of the government but there will be no help forthcoming as the government itself will be completely broke.

Every man will be left to fend for himself.

How do you protect yourself in this type of situation?

Here’s what to do:

1) Move your savings out of banks and financial institutions and buy Gold, Silver and Platinum.

They are the only stores of value that will hold and increase their value. When the crunch comes, and it will, paper currency will not be worth anything as inflation begins to soar and wipe out your savings, your income, and your assets. Entire governments and economies will be wiped out. The willingness of others to accept the US dollar as payment for anything will disappear so you need to make sure that your “currency” is gold which will be the only means of settling accounts that banks, and financial institutions will accept. Paper currency will be devalued to zero and the only store of value and acceptable means of settling accounts will be gold. Banks will not be distributing any paper currency as it will be worthless.

2) Stock up on life’s essentials.

Food, water, medical supplies and other essentials need to be stockpiled for an eventual condition that will arrive when money becomes value-less and no one will take it in trade. A good rule of thumb is to have enough food and fresh water on hand to last for thirty days. Stock up on canned vegetables, dried nuts such as almonds, peanuts, and walnuts, flour, salt, canned goods like corned beef and other non-perishables with a long shelf life. Also, you should store some fresh vegetables and perishables that will be consumed in the first week of the civil unrest.

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3) Prepare an emergency kit containing all the essentials to survive for an extended period of time.

You will need things like lighting sources, batteries, heating sources, kitchen and cooking utensils, flashlights, blankets and other “camping gear” items that one would use if one were on a camping trip isolated from civilization. These items will be your life line in the event that things get really bad and civil unrest results.

4) Make arrangements for your personal and property security.

You will need to purchase weapons and other items that can defend both you and your family, but also your property as well. These will include things like a gun or guns, a tazer or two, and a billyclub. Get instruction on basic self-survival skills that will be needed in the event that you come under personal attack, as it will become chaos when things begin to disintegrate. In such times, it will be survival of the fittest and a kill or be killed mentality will ensue.

5) Prepare an emergency evacuation plan for use when the need arises.

You need to understand and devise your escape route out of town and into a safe place where you can evacuate with life’s bare essentials beforehand. Things like a road map and flares, survival equipment, portable cooking apparatus and enough food to run away.

Discuss with family members and friends in your inner circle who you can rely upon and with who you can join forces to help each other survive. Determine where you can go to hide until you feel the worst is over. Form allegiances with others who can assist with your exit strategy.

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