As most of you know, the fight between the FBI and Apple is continuing to unfold.

The FBI wants Apple to build in a back door so government agencies and law enforcement can gain unfettered access to encrypted iPhones, iPads and all other electronic devices. Apple is opposing this effort and the battle is ongoing.

This is no small deal, and we at Restless Boomers stand firmly on the side of protecting our Freedoms and Liberty from government intrusion.

Government is using every trick to convince Americans that it’s no big deal and it merely seeks to achieve a balance between security and privacy in the War on Terrorism.

Here’s an excellent article by John McAfee, founder of McAffee AntiVirus Software and other enterprises, explaining why the last thing we want is for the government of have back doors. What’s really scary is John’s articulation of the extreme damage the government has already caused to our National Security in its quest to spy on Americans.

And what is meta-software? It’s the one science that the entire Western World has entirely overlooked. It is a high level set of principles for developing software that are imperative if a nation is to survive in a cyberwar.Read more…

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