zirp-zero-interest-rate-policyIt may be Valentine’s Day, but for Baby Boomers it’s not all wine and roses. Central Bankers worldwide have piled on an unpayable mountain of debt and are destroying the entire world monetary system. They now think the best way forward to get themselves out of this mess is ZIRP, NIRP, Bail-ins, QE4 and outright confiscation and theft of our assets.

These policies are designed to transfer money from hard working middle class savers, retirees and pensioners into the pockets of politicians and their large corporate benefactors.

If you depend upon a pension, Social Security, annuity or fixed income distributions like dividends, you could find yourself living under a bridge.  Magicians at the Fed and ECB are your enemy, not your friend.

They’ve already cut interest rates to below 0%, and are now coming for pensions, annuities, dividends and bond coupons. Oh, and let’s not forget to mention the ‘principal’, because once  those dividend and royalty checks stop coming, the loss of your entire principal isn’t far behind.

Japan recently jumped on the NIRP bandwagon; the U.S. is not far behind. Joonet Yellen, Fed Chairman, has alluded to NIRP as among the options being ‘on the table’ to cure our economic ails.

U.S. National debt just jumped over the $19 trillion mark. The Fed has no more arrows in its quiver, which in fact has been empty for some time. Their December .25% interest rate hike was nothing but smoke and mirrors, as rates on treasuries have actually fallen. ZIRP, NIRP and other slights of hand are designed to keep you off balance as government tries to keep interest payments on debts to the international Zio banking cabal from sinking the entire ship. Boomers are on the menu and are going to be eaten alive.

With negative interest rates, banks literally charge customers to hold their money. Central planners believe negative rates can spur spending. If it costs money to keep cash in banks, the thought is people will just go ahead and spend their money, thus jump-starting the economy.Read more…

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