Baby Boomer Sell To Your Niche

Think about it for a few minutes and you’ll come up with at least one, maybe several, niche markets to sell a product or service, creating a revenue stream to replace or supplement your income. We could all use that right? For many, the thought of ‘selling’ makes one quiver in their boots. The following article walks you through a beginning process that can remove the fear, opening the door to your online future.

How To Take the Fear and Terror Out Of Selling In a Niche Market
By: Susan A. Friedmann


Achieving riches in niches often means occupying a dual role in your home based business. First and foremost, you’re a skilled professional, offering value and expertise. But before anyone is going to buy, you must act as a powerful, effective sales force, marketing and promoting your services to potential customers to stimulate their interest.

While you may be very confident with your professional skills, it’s the sales part of the equation that often proves problematic, and often terrifying, for many nichepreneurs (someone who specializes in a niche market).

It may be gratifying to know that you’re not alone. Many nichepreneurs who find themselves in the exact same position know that they have something valuable to share, but are fearful of the sales process.

Selling is both an art and a science. Sales professionals devote years learning the best ways to approach potential customers, create and negotiate a relationship, and finally, and most important of all, close the sale. These are all specific skills, which most nichepreneurs working from home don’t automatically possess just because they go into their own home-based business.

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Luckily, sales skills can be learned ‘on the job’. However, you probably want to minimize the learning curve, and quickly master these skills, pure and simply because they’re literally the basis of your home-based business profitability.

One of the most powerful and effective sales tools, and one that is a logical natural fit for nichepreneurs, is the consultative selling model.

Consultative selling has been around for a very long time. A consultative sales experience is different from any other type of selling, because it’s based on building a customer relationship first before ever trying to sell to them anything.

More often than not, the consultative selling approach starts with a complementary questionnaire or needs assessment, written over the phone, which helps you identify challenges and problem areas. Before you can ever offer recommendations, solutions or suggestions, you must totally understand the issues, problems or challenges your prospect is struggling with.

Like a doctor, you need to know, understand, and recognize the symptoms before you can, and should ever offer a diagnosis, and prescription to take care of the pain.

Consultative selling is all about having a meaningful and powerful conversation with your prospect with no pressure to sell anything until you fully grasp what needs fixing.

During the consultative phase, you are building trust with the prospect to the point that they have confidence in your expertise, and will buy based on your recommendations. In other words, closing the deal is an extension of the discussion process, and should in the prospect’s mind, be a no brainer when they recognize that you can solve their problems, and heal their pain.

For any nichepreneur who’s fearful of selling, this is the simplest and least stressful way to make sales in your home business.

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