Jesus-shepherd-black-sheepBy Dieter Benz

Why has Jesus Christ become the ‘black sheep’ of Christmas?

Why do Jews have a huge lighted menorah celebrating Hanukkah on our White House lawn while Christians are forbidden a nativity scene?

Why is saying ‘Merry Christmas’ verboten, replaced by the politically correct, ‘Happy Holidays’?

Why do friends and neighbours stampede, stomp, club and beat one another to get $2 off on a toaster at Wal-Mart just hours after feasting on Thanksgiving turkey?

This morning, as we hurriedly rip open ‘Holiday’ presents (made in China) under an artificial ‘Holiday’ tree (made in China), let’s, if for just a moment, remember this debt financed consumer orgy started out celebrating the birth of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.

Merry Christmas!





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