jan-schakowsky-twitAmerica didn’t get into its current mess without lots of help from the bankster controlled main stream media that’s been pouring gasoline onto the funeral pyre for decades.

Sadly, too many Boomers have been largely content to sit on the sidelines, watching as Rome burned.

Main stream media’s death spiral has however allowed a new generation of young, independent, self taught journalists to rise to the top, ensuring that peoples throughout this world are informed as never before.

Watch as ‘We Are Change’ Sierra Adamson questions U.S. House of Representative’s Jan Schakowsky from Illinois regarding her vote to allow NSA spy programs on American citizens to continue.

It’s immediately apparent that those who elected Schakowsky to Congress made a huge mistake. She’s a total twit and embarrassment our nation. This is especially tragic at such a critical time for America and mankind.

What’s worse is that she sits on the House ‘Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence’. She’s in a position to continue doing lots of damage to our once great nation.

Boomers, who’ve been largely responsible for maintaining the republic, have let our nation down. Voting for losers like Schakowsky after watching 30 second, mud slinging TV spots sandwiched between sitcoms and other trash hasn’t worked out. Preserving freedom and liberty is a bit more complicated.


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