Irwin Schiff died October 16, 2015 chained to a federal prison hospital bed in Texas. Schiff, 87 succumbed to extreme neglect by the U.S. Bureau of Prisons.

Irwin Schiff was one of the bravest, most courageous American patriots our nation will ever know. The Schiff name is recognized worldwide, mostly because Irwin’s son, Peter Schiff, has a popular financial radio show ‘The Peter Schiff Show’ and also heads Euro Pacific Precious Metals.

Mischaracterized and dismissed by mainstream media as a three times jailed ‘tax protester’, Schiff was in fact an extremely bright, well educated, experienced and much sought after tax consultant and noted author of six highly acclaimed books on the U.S. tax code and Internal Revenue Service.

Courage is frequently associated with acts of bravery in battle, but it’s wise to remember that WW1 soldiers, who failed to spring from the trenches and advance toward certain death under a hail of artillery and machine gun fire, were shot in the back.

Irwin Schiff’s struggles were not those of a young man who found himself on the field of battle. His bravery was not assisted by a gun pointed at his back. Irwin’s longstanding, costly and brutal battle against an arrogant, failed and vindictive police state could have ended at any time. The key to Schiff’s cell remained in his pocket, all he had to do was genuflect before Satan and capitulate.

Instead, Irwin struggled to wake up a nation he saw deliberately and methodically being destroyed and enslaved. His motivation was not fame or fortune, but a simple, steadfast desire to serve his fellow man.

As brave hearts must, Irwin Schiff paid dearly, enduring much suffering, great pain, and ultimately giving his life in the hope that we will choose to once again be free. The ball is squarely in our court.

The Nuremburg Trials, conducted by victors against the vanquished following WW2, will be remembered for one notable, historic determination: Those in uniform have the duty to resist unlawful orders.

We hold nothing but the lowest regard and highest contempt for all who assisted in the prosecution and persecution of Irwin Schiff, including those who were ‘just following orders’ shackling this suffering, dying patriot to a prison bed. Be prepared to stand before your creator.

Irwin Schiff, Rest in Peace and Godspeed your eternal journey.

To learn more about this bravest of souls visit Irwin Schiff’s website PayNoIncomeTax; Peter Schiff’s (Irwin’s son) tribute Death of a Patriot; and  on LibertyBlitzkrieg The Death of a Patriot Peter Schiff’s Father Dies in Prison Shackled to a Hospital Bed.  (You can obtain Schiff’s book ‘The Federal Mafia: How the Government Illegally Imposes and Unlawfully Collects Income Taxes’ for free from his website here. Another of his books, ‘The Biggest Con: How the Government Is Fleecing You‘ can be purchased here. Lastly, one of our favorite videos of Irwin, ‘Irwin Schiff on the Biggest Con and the Federal Mafia’, can be viewed here.

Restless Boomers prays that all American political prisoners and refugees will soon smell the sweet air of freedom and taste the refreshing waters of liberty. God save this republic.

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