Find Your NicheBy: Jeanne Lovely

More and more of us are building websites on the Internet with the hope that we can create a second income or maybe even become successful enough that we can quit our “day” jobs. How do you choose what your site will be about? This article is to help you in the process of how to find your niche.

A niche is a subject, a topic, product or service that you are, or should be, interested in. The more passionate you are about a certain niche, the more time and effort you will place into your site. This will be reflected in what you put on your site and how much “help” you will give your readers.

On the other hand, you could be creating a site just to earn money. In this case, you could research to see what the latest and greatest thing is out on the market today and sell that. If this is your intention, then you may just create a site that is similar to another site that is doing well. If you still need some help, please read on.

Personal – Determining how to find your niche on the Internet can be take any number of avenues and resources to figure out what you want your site to be about. If the niche you decide on is due to personal reasons, then go for it. This will make your site more personable and your readers will be able to relate on this level. In addition, you may already have a ton of information and resources that you can place on your website for others to access and use to benefit them. All you need to do now is sit down and create it!

Brainstorm- If you have no clue as to how to find your niche, then sit down and brainstorm! Write down everything you like or that interests you. It can be fuzzy slippers to high tech gadgets for the sportsman. Once you have gotten a huge list of different things, you need to then find out what you like the most and what people are actually looking for that are on your list.

Research- If you don’t have anything that you are really passionate about and your brainstorming didn’t really turn up anything that jumped out at you, then search the Internet for what people are currently looking for. Find out what is currently happening in technology, listen to those around you and what they want or is there something that you wish was more readily available that might typically be hard to find? Google has a tool called “Trends” which will show you the top searches. This tool is located under “Specialized Search” options.

When you get down to it, knowing how to find your niche is the easy part. Everything else will require some work on your part in order for your website to be successful. To clarify, work is just a four-letter word since creating a website can be a lot of fun. Putting some thought and time into your website will work together on your part and allow you to create a website that will be attractive and successful. And all this time you didn’t know how to find your niche!

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