These days it seems every politician’s number 1 priority is: Jobs!, Jobs!, Jobs!

Not only has economic growth proved elusive, but economies worldwide are struggling to the point that many believe we may be on the precipice of a global financial depression.

Yes, the top 1%, who’ve been gorging on money printed from thin air by central bankers, are doing better than ever, but the poor and former middle class are suffering terribly.

How can this be in a world with such unprecedented opportunity and promise?

If throwing taxpayer money at problems was a solution, freedom from want would have been achieved long ago when President Lyndon Johnson inaugurated the ‘War on Poverty’ as part of his ‘Great Society’ program in 1965.

The fact is, it’s individual actions, not government, that produces wealth, bounty and prosperity.

We can say without qualification or reservation that the following video presentation by John Tamney is unparalleled, and whether you’re a complete novice or hold a top university professorship, we guarantee you don’t want to miss it.

Note that, unlike our nation’s president, Barry Soetoro, John Tamney requires no teleprompter or notes. He enters the track running full tilt and doesn’t slow or even pause to draw breath until the very end. This thoroughbred knows his business.

Here’s how economic growth is created…



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