Edward Snowden

Edward Snowden

We are at a crossroads. If you haven’t already, it’s time to decide whether you will stand up for freedom, liberty and the Rule of Law or continue to let those currently in power continue with their demonic, well-funded and well organized corruption. Recent and ongoing events continue to reveal just what’s behind the big curtain and how critical it is that all those who have been asleep wake up now. Both sides are achieving critical mass very quickly and there’s little time left for a peaceful resolution. This article details the crossroads.

Heroes and Traitors
By Dieter Benz

America is waking up to the Fact that our NSA, CIA and FBI are recording every phone conversation, email and computer keystroke.

These agencies maintain that such surveillance is harmless and a necessary tradeoff to protect the American people in a world filled with angry terrorists.

Increasing numbers are however beginning to understand this is just the latest in a long series of lies that represent the tip of a very large and threatening iceberg.

The internet has caused a technology and innovation revolution that is pushing mankind’s awareness at all levels. This exponential explosion includes a growing discontent with corrupt government elites, banksters, fraudsters and corporate oligarchs. It’s not limited to America, but is growing worldwide.

Who Really Killed Kennedy?

Who Really Killed Kennedy?

Where will this discontent lead?

Fascist corporate oligarch terrorist traitors like Warren Buffett, George Soros, Eric Schmidt, Lloyd Blankfein, Jamie Dimon, etc. and their elite political lackeys, are corrupted by money, greed and a lust for power.

These criminals are destroying earth’s air, water, food supply, economies and finance as they steal everything that isn’t glued down or screwed down and are not likely to give up their spoils voluntarily.

They know exactly what they are doing and understand why the American people and the world aren’t happy.

A recent poll revealed 29% of Americans now believe our nation is headed for violent revolution. Another 20% say they aren’t sure.

The perps are building FEMA concentration camps, stockpiling armored assault vehicles, weapons and ammunition, and are training Homeland Security operatives as the President’s personal army, a move straight from Hitler’s SS playbook.

The first American Revolution, which we celebrate every July 4th, established this great nation. Its success was phenomenal considering that less than 5% of colonists chose to become involved. The rest were happy to either live under King George’s tyranny or to have a small but committed minority risk lives and fortunes on their behalf.

Revolutions are messy, bloody and rarely go as envisioned, so it’s critical to avoid them whenever possible. Following the Rule of Law is a better and safer alternative, but one we’ve mostly abandoned.

Almost 25% of police and military say they will fire upon Americans when ordered to do so. This means 75% will not. Will the 75% instead choose to aim and pull the trigger, firing on the 25%?

We and the ruling elites have a lot of thinking to do.


Inna Shevchenko - FEMEN

Inna Shevchenko – FEMEN

Edward Snowden, Bradley Manning, Jeremy Hammond, Aaron Swartz, Julian Assange, Inna Shevchenko, Anna Hutsol, Alexandra Shevchenko and countless other brave, selfless individuals are essential in the effort to promote freedom, liberty and the elevation of mankind. These are the new heroes.

An uninformed public gripped by the lure of constant entertainment and seemingly free baubles from demagogues will not remain free. Too many have taken the perpetrators’ money, bathed in their darkness of corruption and destroyed a free nation.

It’s time to choose.


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About Dieter Benz: In addition to being a commercial and residential real estate investor, Dieter enjoyed successful careers in automotive and railroad management with extensive leadership background. He has made many public speeches, been interviewed on national television and holds a degree in Political Science. He studied Economics academically and in the trenches, correctly predicting and articulating the present worldwide economic crisis years before it actually began to unfold. Dieter has a unique perspective of the world and history, and an unmatched understanding and unorthodox sense of humor regarding today’s economic, financial and political realities. He held elective office and authored local publications during the last three decades in towns where he resided. His hard hitting reality stirred the pot, was the subject of much debate, served to enlighten those willing to accept the truth and shredded the webs that the mainstream media likes to weave.

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