healthcare-coverage-scamShell games were a regular staple for unscrupulous carnival vendors intent upon separating you from your cash.

Times are tough right now for many healthcare providers who’ve discovered the American people cannot sustain premium increases forever. It’s time for some new tricks, and just like those shifty carny operators, many a healthcare provider has figured out that continuing to collect premiums, while significantly cutting back on paying claims is their ticket to success. Unfortunately, when people go to the doctor they’re discovering they paid a lot of money for nothing. Some are getting pissed off.

“While a greater number of Americans having health insurance is a good thing when it comes to protecting against unexpected catastrophic events or extended hospital stays, it doesn’t tell you anything about two very important variables: 1) How much does it cost? 2) What kind of access does it provide? As usual, the devil is in the details. Read more…

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