time-for-flightWe wish this was a ‘feel good’ article about first responders performing life saving helicopter missions. It’s not.

Personal safety is paramount for those hoping to live into old age.

While our best option is to avoid dangerous situations, this isn’t always possible. There is also a time to ‘stand and fight’, and a time for ‘flight’. Making the right choice can spell the difference between life and death.

Many of us grew up watching heroes like Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. , Rosa Parks and others make great personal sacrifice (including loss of life) to change America for the better.

Today, few of us would describe ourselves as racist.

There is however a reality that must be confronted, especially if we are white and reside in ethnically diverse or urban areas. Black on white crime rates are horrific and exploding.

The Rev. Jesse Jackson said in a recent tweet that the killing of Australian baseball player, Chris Lane, allegedly by three Oklahoma teenagers who were bored, is “senseless violence” and should be “frowned upon.”

Was ‘Should be frowned upon’ the best Rev. Jackson could come up with, as this clearly demonstrates his racist attitude. Unfortunately, he’s not alone, as most black leaders appear either openly racist or in extreme denial.

President Obama, who couldn’t wait to step up and show his support for Trayvon Martin, didn’t bother to condemn or even comment on Chris Lane’s senseless murder. The White House stated ‘it was familiar with the case’.

How many of us, black or white, can honestly say we feel comfortable walking down the street, watching as a group of black youths approach?

The police, who once existed to ‘serve and protect’ now exist mainly to kick America’s Constitutional rights to the curb along with those foolish enough to try and exercise them. Criminals run rampant while cops make sport of harassing law abiding Americans.

Unfortunately, it’s up to us as individuals to ensure our own security and personal safety. Read more…


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