tattered-american-flagFormer Treasury Secretary, Dr. Paul Craig Roberts, says ‘Everything is Disintegrating’.

Many Boomer retirement accounts have recently received major haircuts with the junk rated bond sell off that started in oil & gas but has now spread to the broader high yield market.

These are indeed difficult times for retirees who depend upon interest income and dividends, but the problem is, things are likely to get worse before they get better, and sitting around waiting, hoping to recoup losses, could prove to be a losing strategy you cannot afford.

Did your fingers got burned ‘reaching for yield’ in 2015? It may be time to make those New Year’s resolutions, pull your hands away from the stove, cut your losses and head for the exit before this bond sell off turns into a full blown panicked stampede that destroys not just ‘yield’, but your principle too.

The American people are asleep at the wheel. The blame is not totally their’s, but they do bare the brunt of the blame. The mainstream media does not report what is happening within our economy or the geopolitical arena, unless they can spew on and on about the endless rainbows, unicorns and how “America is the greatest and Putin is the devil. Read more…


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