Dollar Bill Leadership Lessons

Whether you work for someone else, operate your own business or manage a household, leadership is necessary all along the way. Leadership skills, while not possessed by everyone, can be learned. The following brings to us some simple yet potent leadership lessons from a great leader and dear old friend.

Leadership Lessons From a Dollar Bill
By: Madeline Frank

If you needed a root canal would you get someone who specialized in root canals or someone who bought the biggest ad? Of course you would hire the best expert at doing root canals.

George Washington was unanimously elected by the Electoral College on February 4, 1789 to be the first President of the Country. Did you know at the time of his election the United States was bankrupt?

George Washington was sworn in as the First President on April 30, 1789 in New York’s Federal Hall at the age of 57. In the book, “The American President” written in 1999 by the Kunhardts it stated that his “reputation was everything to him and he protected that reputation at any cost.”

President Washington called his “First Cabinet” his “First Characters”. He chose experts in their chosen fields with “the greatest reputation” for character. He chose men for his “First Characters” for the traits of honesty, and integrity.

President George Washington said, “My political conduct and nominations must be exceedingly circumspect. No slip into partiality will pass unnoticed. By having Mr. Jefferson as the head of the Department of State, Mr. Jay of the Judiciary, Hamilton of the Treasury, and Knox of that of War, I feel myself supported extremely well.”

Washington did not select family members, friends, or people in the same social circles as he was, or the wealthy. He chose honorable men who were experts in their field and had the “greatest Reputation” and character.

What are the four things you can do to be a leader like President George Washington?

1) Be a leader who has an excellent reputation for good character, the courage of their convictions, the honor, integrity, and morality that includes a code of ethics and a clear and decisive passionate belief in the right way to conduct business or run your country.

2) As the leader of your country, organization or business surround yourself with a “Brain Trust”, competent people of excellent reputation and character who know your business and markets, are of like mind, and have a strong firm intellectual capacity to help you accomplish your goals.

3) Go around the table and listen to your experts carefully. Then make informed decisions.

4) Once the Leader of the country, business, or organization CEO knows all the problems to be faced and has studied them from every angle, the Leader needs to have a vision, a plan of action with the goal to be accomplished. Leaders need to have a strong belief in service to others.

George Washington is more than the face of a one dollar bill. He solved the first bankruptcy of the United States by hiring an expert Treasury Secretary Alexander Hamilton. As a fan of history, Washington, D.C. needs George Washington’s expertise.

Make George Washington’s leadership lessons apart of your life. Choose wisely in selecting your experts to run your businesses. Do not go for the big ads go for the experts who believe as George Washington did that “his reputation was everything” and that he would protect it “at any cost”. Like Washington hire experts who have character, who have integrity and honesty and believe that their “reputations are everything to them”.

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