baby-boomer-chickens-have-come-home-to-roostWe Baby Boomers have a laser focus on healthcare for good reason. With 10,000 of us hitting 65 years of age everyday, we’re about to be the largest consumers of healthcare in history.

Unfortunately, we’ve been some making very poor choices about who we send to Washington D.C. and the chickens are coming home to roost big time.

We’ve gone from being the world’s greatest, wealthiest, most free nation on earth to an underemployed, broke, crime ridden, obese, ignorant, entertainment obsessed 3rd world banana republic police state kleptocracy. What’s really amazing is that we managed to acomplish this in our own short lifetimes.

Obamacare needed to be passed ‘so we could find out what’s in it’ according to Nancy Pelosi. With 2014 coming up fast, we’re beginning to find out ‘what’s in it’ and it’s scaring the hell out of a majority of Americans.

Elizabeth Lee Vliet, M.D and Casey Research have more to say about this impending disaster and what it means for us Boomers? Read more…

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