By: Susan Friedmann

Do you own a home-based business or are you looking to start one in the hopes of having more time for yourself and your family? Are you afraid that today’s economic roller coaster may impact you in a way you’re unprepared for? Today’s economic woes are creating incredible opportunities, and opening many people’s eyes to the fact that changing your life, reclaiming your time and getting out of that old nine to five job might just be the way to go. And, starting a home-based, online business is a great way to do that. However, you want to make sure that you’re guaranteed success rather than failure. Here are three ways to avoid a home-business nightmare:

1. Avoid Being Awestruck

Don’t be awestruck by other people’s online marketing success, and think that it’s easy. Starting any kind of home-based business and becoming your own boss, can be very intimidating. Luckily, there are tons of online business opportunities that allow you to earn additional income and change your life. The biggest problem most people face is not whether they can make money, it is how fast can they replace their primary income, and start reaping the benefits of working from home.

It starts with the right mindset. Instead of just looking at the business opportunity as your salvation, you need take on the role of the budding entrepreneur. In other words, many of the opportunities out there can only return considerable profits when the person behind it is driving the results. This means being committed and ready to take action, because a business with no driving force is destined to fail. You have to be willing to climb a mountain, or do whatever it takes to achieve the results you’re seeking.

Do your research, put an action plan in place, and be prepared to have a backup plan just in case your first endeavors don’t quite work out the way you want them to.

2. Avoid Easy Thinking

Due to the enticing nature of home-based business opportunities, and the lure of easy money for little to no effort, many entrepreneurs entering this arena for the first time, have absolutely no business acumen, or experience before they jump in full force. Even with the best product, the coolest website, the latest technology and many innovative ideas for your business, you still need to be the driving force behind your business. If you you’ve never run a business before, you need to learn some basic business skills. You can have the desire to succeed, but that alone won’t run your business. You must know what you’re doing. If nothing else, you need to learn some basic marketing techniques. Running any kind of business whether it is online or offline, needs marketing and sales to succeed. You need to understand what the competition is doing. You need to find ways to differentiate yourself, in other words, target a niche market.

It all boils down to your willingness to do what it takes to be successful. Know that frustration is par for the course. Don’t blame the opportunity if your business fails, rather look at the person running the operation, that’s you!

3. Avoid Jumping in Without a Plan

What is one critical component of success? What needs to be done before you even decide on what business opportunity you are going to pursue? You need to make a plan. You need to spend as much time as necessary doing the research before you get started. You need to lay out what your goals are, and how you plan to achieve them. Once you select your work from home business opportunity, you need to establish realistic projected sales, and growth. It’s almost impossible to go from zero to a million dollars overnight. Once you create a plan, consider having trusted business friends or associates vet it, and help you work out any kinks before you begin. Many say that ninety percent of your success is in the planning and preparation. Once that is in place, the sales and profit fall into place more easily.

It is unfortunate that many new home based business entrepreneurs fail miserably because they thought it was as easy as a click of the mouse. Don’t fall into that same category. Think things through, create a thorough plan, exit strategy and a backup plan and you will be well on your way to online success!

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