Dating For Baby BoomersBy: Connie Ragen Green

Relationships can be difficult, no matter what your age or circumstances. If you are a baby boomer and back in the dating scene after a period of time, relationships can be somewhat confusing. It will seem like all the rules have changed, and you may end up feeling lonely, out of touch, or just plain old. If you have just begun to date again after a long absence from the dating scene, here are some ideas on how to approach the world of dating as a baby boomer.

•  It will not be as easy to meet someone to date as it was when you were younger, so you will have to make an effort to meet potential prospects. Asking your friends if they know anyone single may not be a good idea because you will then be including them in a very private area of your life.

•  There are many ways to met someone on your own, including online dating sites, dances for single people, and joining groups of singles who have something in common with you.

•  Let the first date flow naturally, without building up expectations about what it will lead to. If you genuinely like the person during the date, there is more of a chance that this could lead into a long term relationship.

•  Go out once or twice more before introducing the new person to your friends or family. It will be better if it is simply a chance meeting when they do first meet. For example, if you agree to take one car and one person picks up the other one at their house, a friend or relative may get the chance to meet them for a few minutes before you leave for your destination.

Remember that any relationship is built on honesty, trust, and understanding. Being open with the other person will be helpful, whether you are a baby boomer or not.

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By: Connie Ragen Green

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