controlled-oppositionThe internet has opened up a world of information, news, products and services that make it easier to be informed, understand how things work and make better decisions.

Unfortunately, there are powerful behind the scenes forces that prefer we remain ignorant, entertained, anesthetized and blissful so our wallets can be pilfered and brains turned to mush. A lot of resources are being committed to this effort. Nothing is being left to chance.

It’s getting harder every day to determine what’s real and what’s not, to separate fact from fiction, truth from lies.

Thankfully, a growing number of ‘alternative’ websites, news feeds, blogs and think tanks offer exciting alternatives to today’s largely discredited main stream media infotainment. Unfortunately, many of these new efforts are funded by the same old powerful interests that want us to remain barefoot and pregnant.

Personally, we’ve come a long way. We’re better informed, more discerning and sophisticated than ever. A lot of things we used to believe and champion no longer pass the ‘smell test’. Today’s article by Mike Adams, the Health Ranger, is a good example.

We’ve followed Mike for years as he built a small web venture into an impressive media empire by providing cutting edge news, information, products and services designed to help us live healthier lives. We looked up to Mike and trusted his advice and recommendations.

A couple years ago Mike branched out and began covering politics too. That was fine, until about six months ago when we noticed a subtle but persistent shift. His ‘alternative’ memes were morphing into main stream media points of view. It looked like Mike had ‘sold out’.

We’d already seen this same phenomenon occur with other cutting edge alternative sources like Alex Jones’ Info Wars, Stewart Rhodes’ Oath Keepers and Chuck Baldwin’s Liberty Fellowship. When your mom and pop venture goes viral after years of hard work, and you become financially successful, all of a sudden there’s a lot to protect. The last thing you need is getting flushed down the toilet by some powerful interests that decide they’ve had enough of you. It’s easy to see why so many well-intentioned media entrepreneurs eventually lose their way.

We cancelled our subscription to Health Ranger after recognizing it too had been co-opted and become controlled opposition. Today’s article came to us via ‘The Daily Sheeple’, a news feed we follow.

We liked the title of the article and clicked on it. As it opened, we noticed Mike Adams was its author. Nevertheless we continued reading.

Disinformation works best when deceit is surrounded by lots of good stuff, including the truth.

Mike’s article contained a lot of good points and truths. There can be no doubt his premise that EVERYTHING IS RIGGED is spot on. Mike however, started to lose us when his meme shifted to: ‘if you don’t vote for Donald Trump the world is pretty much going to end, and if you don’t like either Trump or Hillary and decide not to vote at all, you’re essentially voting for Hillary’.

Now, we’re certainly no friends of the Clintons. They’re extremely corrupt New World Order henchmen and serial killers. We’d never vote for either of these scoundrels.

Like many, a few times in the past, we’ve taken a deep breath, swallowed and pulled the lever for candidates we believed were ‘the lessor of two evils’. Unfortunately, the lesser of two evils is still evil, and no matter how rationalized our actions, it never feels good knowing you helped flush America and mankind down the toilet, regardless of how great your intentions were. The road to hell is paved with good intentions.

The ‘lesser of two evils’ strategy has run its course as far as we’re concerned. Our nation is in deep trouble, and Donald Trump’s ‘Art of the Deal’ just isn’t right for America. Anyone can ‘sell out’, just look at Paul Ryan and John McCain. We’re going to sit this one out and let the chips fall where they may.

Now… go ahead, read Mike’s very good article and decide for yourself, and, here’s a bonus video on The Donald produced by the History Channel, which we enjoyed.

. . . it’s time to tell you something that perhaps a lot more people are finally ready to hear: EVERYTHING IS RIGGED.Read more…


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