By: Susan Friedmann

After working for 20 or 30 years in a particular industry, Baby Boomers are known as the most knowledgeable resource for companies around the globe. If that’s the case, why are they using that knowledge and expertise for someone else’s business instead of their own?

After spending many years developing a wealth of knowledge from career, life and some more monumental changes, such as women’s rights and minority rights, why aren’t there more baby boomers branching out into entrepreneurial home business opportunities?

Many of you are entering the time in life when you originally expected your job to provide security and retirement benefits. Now, from one day to the next, you have no clue if you have a job, and security has flown the coop. Most no longer believe in the infrastructure, or government to make things work. So, what are you going to do about it? What plans are you making to change?

Baby boomers need to open their eyes to see that pensions and social security are going to be things of the past. Instead you need to look at options so that you are well taken care of as you grow older. This is when you need to look for home business opportunities. There are so many options already out there, and new business ideas are growing daily. Every one of these have the ultimate goal of no longer depending on Corporate America as a support system. There is more work from home businesses available now than ever before. So, what does that mean to the baby boomer? A chance to take control of your destiny to become your own boss and make your own decisions about the future.

As a budding baby boomer entrepreneur, here is a sprinkling of the many online business opportunities available to you.

1. Franchises. This word generally makes people think of MacDonald’s or some other big chain endeavor. Now, there are many online franchises that don’t cost a fortune to start and offer the flexibility to set your schedule based around your life. Do your research to avoid those franchises that have questionable business practices.

2. Service. If you are a stay at home baby boomer with some skills or some patience, you may choose to offer a service. Anything from cooking, embroidery, child-care, personal shopper and more allow you to set you own schedule. Keep in mind that you may well have some additional up- front costs like insurance and licensing. Nevertheless, there is some good money to be made doing things that you love.

3. Arts and Crafts. Do your friends tell you the stuff you make is better than what they can buy? Do you agree? Then try your hand at creating things and selling them online. You’ll be surprised at the global presence you can achieve from the comfort of your living room.

4. Knowledge. Being the experts of the current generation lets baby boomers turn their experience and expertise into marketable items that can be sold over the internet. You can create instructional videos, books, e-books and much more. Once you put a package togetherĀ on your knowledge, you can market it over the internet to anyone, anywhere in the world.

5. Other’s knowledge or product. You can also use the Internet to market and sell another company’s product through an affiliate relationship or directly marketing the product. This is one of the best ways to get started because of the low-cost investment to get started.

6. Selling person to person. This may seem a bit old-fashioned but you can use the internet to set up network marketing demonstrations where you schedule meetings and market your products to a group of unrelated people. While this is somewhat like the Tupperware model, it works well with the addition of the internet to help you coordinate.

Baby boomers have many options to start their own business and to take control of their future. Even if the business you start doesn’t replace your income, it can easily create an excellent income supplement to pay for those fun things you like to do.

I challenge all of you baby boomers to get up and get moving and try at least one online business opportunity to help make your future a little more secure. If nothing else, do something that is fun and can make a little money. I have several at-home businesses that I currently run, and I’m having a blast!

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