We all know hypertension and high blood pressure can kill, but so can and do many of the drugs prescribed by doctors for treatment. Just read the fine print if you want the hell scared out of you. The following article offers some natural alternatives which studies have proven are effective in treating hypertension and high blood pressure.

The 5 Proven Ways to Reduce Your Blood Pressure Naturally – By Serj Sagan

One third of the American population has hypertension, or high blood pressure. Are you one of them? Perhaps you say “no, I have no symptoms,” but hypertension doesn’t really have symptoms. You may have had it for years and just don’t know. Why is it a cause for concern? Well hypertension ultimately leads to heart attacks and/or strokes, and we all know how bad heart attacks and strokes can be. So what can you do once you have it? Do you take the prescribed pills for the rest of your life? Isn’t there a better way? There is. You are about to find out the five “secret” natural methods to reduce blood pressure and perhaps even allow you to throw out those chemicals that the doctor prescribed to you.

Garlic isn’t just for killing vampires anymore. In fact Garlic shows significant benefits in many areas of health disorders, but for blood pressure it does miracles. At least three independent studies have all confirmed that garlic reduced high blood pressure by a significant margin. Often garlic alone is enough to take a patient with low range high blood pressure and bring it back into normal range. Garlic is one of those unique herbs that have healing properties that scientists are still discovering. One concern with garlic is it also reduces clotting, which in general is good as garlic prevents or reduces the likely hood of blood clotting or stroke, however after a surgery you want the blood to clot around the incision point(s). Therefore you should avoid garlic a few weeks before and after surgery. What about the breath situation? It can be avoided if you are willing to pay a bit more for garlic powder in capsules.

Fish Oil is another one of those products that have many healing properties. Although fish oil is known for its Omega 3 content, few realize how many healing properties fish oil actually has. It is used in restoring eye sight for those with less than twenty, twenty vision. It is used for its anti-cancer properties to slow down the progression of cancer. It also has surprising mental health benefits including depression, even bi-polar, Alzheimer’s, and Parkinson’s; slowing down, stopping, or in rare cases even reversing the progression of these diseases. However perhaps the most studied aspects of fish oil are the benefits it provides in dealing with cardiovascular problems. In fact the US National Institutes of Health lists thirty different cardiovascular ailments that fish oil or Omega 3 have shown beneficial healing properties for. Three heart ailments that the US National Institutes of Health state have significant benefits in are hypertriglyceridemia, secondary cardiovascular disease prevention and high blood pressure. We recommend that you avoid specific liver oils, such as Cod Liver Oil, because of additional nutrients it may contain. Of course the best option is to get it from eating wild caught salmon or other wild caught sea fish (farm raised fish have their own set of concerns.) Of course eating sea fish every day is not very realistic for most people either so getting the fish oil in a capsule (for taste purposes) is a very real alternative and will have almost identical benefits as eating the fish; again avoid the liver oils.

Potassium is a nutrient that is contained in many foods, but most significantly in foods such as bananas, spinach, yogurt, cantaloupe, sweet potatoes, tomatoes, orange juice, potatoes, kidney beans, peas, honeydew melon and raisins. Its main purpose is to get rid of the excess sodium (salt) in your body. Does this mean that salt raises blood pressure? Yes, in fact, for those with high blood pressure, salt is to be avoided altogether if possible. However the very real option is to negate salt’s effects by eating foods high in potassium. A few studies suggested that if we significantly reduced our sodium intake or counteracted it with potassium, many adults would never get hypertension in the first place.

Hawthorn is actually the second most common herb used by alternative medicine practitioners (garlic is the most common.) There has been a significant amount of studies done on the effects of hawthorn on high blood pressure. Every study done confirms that hawthorn significantly reduces blood pressure and has no side effects on any medication the person may be taking. In fact if you were to try just two of the five we recommend here they should be garlic and hawthorn. With just these two nutrients if you have mid to low range high blood pressure you can most likely bring it into normal levels.

Dark Chocolate is the last of the five secret high blood pressure fighters. We list it last because many discount chocolate as beneficial because we have heard so often the opposite, that chocolate is bad for you. Well let me explain this to you. It must be dark chocolate, at least seventy percent cocoa, preferably darker, like eighty five percent. Milk chocolate although tastes better to most people actually has little nutritional value and its negative effects of the sugars and fats outweigh any benefits it might provide; where dark chocolate has significant benefits in several health areas. It is perhaps best known for its benefits to your brain. You should eat dark chocolate when preparing for a major exam or presentation, where your brain needs to be functioning at its highest capacity. Beyond its benefits to the brain new studies continually confirm that dark chocolate lowers high blood pressure. We recommend that you eat dark chocolate every day. Divide a regular sized bar in such a way that it lasts you the whole week.

So why be stuck with a chemical prescription which does not actually treat the cause of your high blood pressure but just temporarily gets rid of the high blood pressure? With these five nutrients you can most likely get rid of your chemical prescription altogether but more than that you may eventually get to a point where high blood pressure goes away altogether.

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