baby-boomers-need-romance-tooToday’s Baby Boomers continue be romantically and sexually active.

Things have changed since that last time many Boomers dated so it’s important to get up to speed as you re-enter this market. Read more…




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  • Thank you for sharing our wonderful boomer dating adventure! Hope is the key as well as the courage to try one more time. I wasn’t thrilled with the idea of having to go ‘on-line’ to find a man to date…but, in hindsight…it worked out better than I could have imagined! I encourage others to do the same…at least give it a try. Be safe in your approach but open to possibilities. For more information please visit our website: Mindy Mitchell

    • You’re very welcome. We found each other online and really related when we read your story. Thanks for your comment.

  • Thank you for sharing this great article about our story … how Mindy Mitchell and I found each other online, and connected. The point of the story is to show that there’s Hope for us Boomers to find romance again. We just need to find new approaches to achieve new results. Please visit our website:
    Edward Land

    • You’re very welcome Edward. We really connected with your article and believe others will too. We believe it’s much safer and more efficient connecting online. And people can really be themselves and open up if they really want to find some special to spend the next phase of their life with or have someone to pal around with. Online dating/friend finding really is a huge benefit in our opinion.

  • I am out there, looking, hopeful, but making the most of my time without a man in the interim. The process of reaching out to so many different guys online is a bit tedious but I see myself eventually finding one who will “get me” as I will do with him. Many men my age are not very comfortable with writing out the profile stuff so I am slowly learning to read between the lines more than in the beginning. Fingers crossed!

    • Welcome Julie! We experienced just what you’re talking about. But it’s definitely worth the wait. That’s one of the efficiencies of ‘online’ as opposed to traditional dating. At least you don’t have to get dressed up and go out somewhere just to realize you weren’t meant for each other. Another interesting and important thing is you’ll also continue to learn more about yourself on this journey. So Enjoy! Thanks for your comment.