Important information for Baby Boomers: Individuals and local healers used items from the natural world to cure, heal and soothe a multitude of ailments. Once big pharma and their FDA lapdog came to the forefront, natural remedies took a back seat so big profits could flow from whatever could be patented, no matter how dangerous.

The following article clears up the confusion and controversy over one such natural remedy that could literally save lives, especially should there be a disruption in the supply and delivery of some common drugs we take for granted. Most importantly, the article presents evidence that this remedy is much preferred over potentially harmful prescription drugs.

Colloidal Silver Confusion and Controversy – By Jeannie Salgy

The information contained here is intended as a resource only and does not claim or promise that Colloidal Silver ‘cures’ infectious disorders or diseases. Any information herein is not to be taken as medical advice and the individual should consult the healer of their choice for such. It is, however, proven that silver has tremendous antimicrobial power and the history of safe and successful Colloidal Silver use is extensive.

I will attempt to pass information on to you, and with that in mind, you may decide for yourself. Please be open-minded in your research, and perhaps even a bit autious. Some writings make references to Colloidal Silver and state facts which actually relate to Silver Salts or Silver Compounds. The result is confusion and even fear.

To begin, it must be said that Colloidal Silver is not new, and neither is the knowledge of the healing properties of Silver. The information is thousands of years old and yet the average person doesn’t know about it. Is it an ancient secret? No. But there are those that have an interest in thwarting or debunking the information because it interferes with 2 things that man (or the entities and agencies created by man) love: Power and Money. But that is for another writing.

Colloidal Silver in History: Records dating back as far as 4000 years speak of the healing properties of Silver. The practice of placing water in silver vessels is mentioned by the Eastern Persians; Silver’s ability to disinfect was known by the Greeks and Babylonian civilizations; it is known that silver compounds were used by the Romans for medical treatment.

During the time of the Plague, aristocrats and rulers did not contract the disease. Why? They were constantly absorbing tiny particles of silver into their bodies from the silver in the goblets, plates and eating utensils. So, it was the peasants and the poor that suffered and died from the rampant diseases of the times, (not unlike our Health Care and Insurance systems today).

Western scientists proved in the late 1800’s that silver was a germ-fighter, as had been known by other civilizations for thousands of years. Researchers learned that colloid minerals were extremely effective and the use of colloids in medicine was used extensively. Colloidal Silver proved to be greatly effective against infectious organisms and extremely safe to use without side-effects that are associated with drugs. Colloidal Silver became the choice of medical practitioners and was widely used in anti-microbial treatment.

Throughout the early 1900’s, Colloidal Silver gained much recognition, but production was costly and because silver is a natural resource, it could not be patented. Because of this patent limitation, attention was given and money was spent on the developing of profitable infection fighting drugs – the antibiotics. The problem with antibiotics, as we would find out, is they are not effective for long, because many strains of bacteria have mutated and become resistant to them. It must also be said that antibiotics are not effective on a virus, yeast or fungus. Colloidal Silver is, and has shown to be, effective against more than 650 disease causing organisms. No single-celled pathogen can live in the presence of Silver for more than a few minutes, because the silver works by disabling it’s enzyme for oxygen metabolism.

Colloidal Silver is non-narcotic, non-addicting and our body cannot build up a resistance to it. It is non-toxic, non-allergenic and has no side effects. And still, given all that we knew about Silver and Colloids, we strayed from nature and were drawn to the miracle drugs and pharmaceutical cures. Had we really forgotten? Not really. We were simply seduced off course by technology and big money promotion and put our trust and faith in things made by man. And perhaps what we have forgotten is that nature is and always was: our great provider.

Colloidal Silver – Fear Not: The most popular scare tactic used in our time is the threat of Argyria stemming from the use of Colloidal Silver. Argyria (Argyriosis) is a condition caused by large amounts of Silver Compounds being deposited into the skin. It is also caused by ingesting particles of Silver which are too large to pass through the body. If Argyria occurs, the skin may appear a bluish gray, mostly visible on the face and hands. Many claims are made that Colloidal Silver causes this, and be assured there are no documented cases of Argyria caused by true Colloidal Silver in its pure form, (meaning: tiny, microscopic particles of silver suspended in distilled water – and nothing else). It should also be said here that there are only a few documented cases of this occurring. Argyria caused by true Colloidal Silver is unheard of, yet practically every article written mentions this phenomenon (and where are all of these Blue People?).

Given all the articles and warnings written on this topic, if the proper research is done, you may find that either the source has been misinformed and misled, or the source is deliberately trying to confuse and mislead the reader. It is easy to become confused in this area, because many words and phrases are used as if they are interchangeable, and they are not. There is a distinct difference between Colloidal Silver and Silver Proteins or Silver Compounds. It is wise to use your mind and your judgment to decipher what the source is trying to accomplish.

One interesting case is Stan Jones, a politician from Montana. He produced his own Colloidal Silver using a silver generator. He used tap water, (a definite No-No…) and following the manufacturers’ instructions, he added salt to produce the Colloidal Silver. Subsequently he fell victim to slight Argyria, after consuming large quantities of Colloidal Silver per day, and over a long period of time. His story made big news, but the story told to the world was incomplete and at the same time over-exaggerated by the use of enhanced photos. He himself has set the record straight in many subsequent interviews and beyond all of the publicity, he remains a strong supporter of Colloidal Silver.

Colloidal Silver Confusion: Like many natural remedies, Silver does not get a fair reputation. Whether it’s because of the times we live in where modern medicine is the norm, or if it’s because of the powerful influences of our times, it just doesn’t. The FDA has played the biggest role in the bashing of Colloidal Silver. They were on a crusade for decades to ban Silver and to make criminals out of those that tried to sell Silver for medicinal use. The FDA knows that Silver is powerful; they always have, and so do the pharmaceutical companies. But the FDA must protect the profits of the pharmaceutical entities. The FDA has for years used scare tactics to produce fear and steer people away from Silver products.

But they speak 2 languages:

  • Silver is not good- but we’ll approve it for burn centers.
  • Silver is not good- but we’ll approve it for your newborns’ eyes.
  • Silver is not good- but we’ll approve these band-aids.
  • Silver is not good- but we’ll approve it for your city water supply.

It has been declared in recent years that to be marketed, that no medical claims can be made, Colloidal Silver must be marketed as a dietary supplement. Product labels state that ‘the FDA has not approved this product’. This one statement alone might lead a person to believe that if the FDA has not approved something, it must be bad for us. What’s bad for us are the deliberate spin tactics used by powerful entites with an agenda.

Looking back at all the trouble and roadblocks the FDA and the pharmaceutical companies have created with regard to Colloidal Silver and Silver products, perhaps it has worked out for the best. Even the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency)… they list no known toxicity level for Colloidal Silver, yet they have come up with a “safe” level of ingestion. It’s important that these entities keep the fear and confusion alive because of the big money at stake. Imagine a world with no pharmaceutical antibiotics…?

So, we have the ability to produce our own at home; we have the ability to sell the products if we choose; and we don’t have to be controlled by pharmaceutical money. If we think about it from all angles, perhaps it’s a good thing NOT to have that approval. But supporters and producers of Colloidal Silver also have a huge responsibility… to tell people exactly what it is they are being offered or sold. If it’s a Silver Compound… tell them. If it’s Silver Protein… tell them. Confusion in this arena should not be used to ANYONE’s advantage.

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About the Author: Jeannie Salgy is a supporter, consumer, and producer (for private use)of Colloidal Silver for over a decade. For more, visit The Colloidal Silver Bullet ( Article Source: