By: Dieter likes the bad news first. It helps us formulate positive responses that help mitigate consequences so Boomers can take full advantage of the opportunities that always accompany true adversity.

There’s little doubt we’re already in a Depression, so the only question is how severe it’s going to be. Today’s BI story reveals Hugh Hendry‘s perspective that the stage may be set for this one to be ‘The Mother of All Depressions.

It’s a must read for all who plan on surviving and thriving during these challenging times by understanding that ‘individual responsibility’ is the name of the new game. Collectivism is going out of fashion and you are your only safety net.

Be sure to take the four minutes to view the YouTube video showing Hugh Hendry kicking butt on those who endeavor to continue telling us that everything is okay. Kudos to Hugh for having the guts to speak out against mainstream media types attempting to silence free speech with the ‘siren cry’ of the need for ‘polite rhetoric’.