Robinson smiles as she plays with "The Phantom" slot machine at Bowlers Club in Central Sydney

by Dieter Benz

Baby Boomers continue to fill cruise ships and lay down chips at casinos.

Unfortunately, their kids and grand kids are huddling in mom and dad’s basement, stroking keyboards, desperately trying to bring in enough money to cover this month’s student loan payment.

Boomers piled on all kinds of generous entitlements for themselves, but forgot to put money in the till to pay for them.

Children and grandchildren have been left holding the bag.

Youth unemployment and underemployment, already at all time highs, are expected to get worse.

When young Americans figure out that mom, dad and the grandparents screwed them; all hell could break loose.

Two years ago, most Americans were asleep at the switch, oblivious to our deteriorating situation.

Conspiracy theorists with tin foil hats were alone in the forest.

Today, 63 percent of Americans understand bad news is headed their way and they are frightened.

While being aware and scared are good first steps, by themselves, they will not turn this ship around.

Facing reality, gaining knowledge and developing a strategy are more likely to get you where you want to be. understands the issues and knows what it takes to get from here to there.


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