inhibiting-NF-kB-activation-delays-agingHardly a day goes by without the announcement of another anti-aging breakthrough.

The issue for Boomers is not whether these miracles will occur in time to help them, but whether they will be able to afford cutting edge technologies and treatments that are not covered by Medicate and other healthplans. Read more…


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  • At 63 I am blessed with wonderful genes and a mindful lifestyle. However, I have always ascribed to the “Soylent Green” concept. At some point I will climb up on a comfy gurney, similar to the one Edward G. Robinson used in the movied, and move on when I deem it time, not when someone else decides. New technology is amazing but I’m not all that sure it will matter that much to me when I am 80. Prevention is the best indicator of future health and some things I just can’t second guess.

    • Restless Boomers

      Anti-aging and medical technology breakthroughs are occurring almost at the speed of light and between now and the time you are 80, it’s going to be a very different world.

      While your chances for a long life are certainly enhanced by good genes and a healthy lifestyle, it’s important to remember that at 63 you should still be in excellent health.

      When health issues, especially life threatening ones, do arise, or when you turn 65, we’ll see if your generous, romanticized, ‘Soylent Green’ offer to ‘climb up on a comfy gurney and move on’ still holds.

      In order to ensure that all health and lifestyle options remain available, we encourage Boomers to become financially independent, not reliant upon pensions and government entitlement commitments that aren’t likely to be kept.