adult-diapers-outsell-baby-diapersHere’s an exciting new trend I didn’t want to be part of, at least not any sooner than need be (see video below).

As I entered menopause, I began experiencing a loss of bladder control. It only got worse. That’s right, I started peeing my panties, and hey, it’s no laughing matter.

My primary care physician referred me to his urologist who referred me to a surgeon who recommended the ‘sling’ procedure, where a synthetic mesh is surgically installed.

Life had already taught me that nobody looks out for me like I do, so I began searching the Internet, investigating both the problem and proposed solution.

At the same time, I requested the surgeon provide a detailed cost estimate, including hospital and post surgery charges.  He was absolutely flabbergasted (and a bit peeved), as no one had ever asked about the cost since this procedure was covered by virtually all insurance.

After a few weeks and some prodding, his office provided a ‘soft’ estimate which wasn’t expected to include all charges. It was well over $50,000 even though the procedure didn’t require an overnight hospital stay. That was the good news.

The bad news was my Internet search revealed this ‘routine’ procedure might not be either safe or effective. There were loads of complaints and malpractice actions by dissatisfied ‘customers’.

I decided to cancel the surgery and implement the steps I’d discovered online, which focused on three things: Hormone Replacement Therapy, making sure you’re at your Recommend Weight and receiving Plenty of Exercise.

My investigation had also revealed the importance of using only natural, bio-identical hormones, not synthetic ones. I found two great online sources to purchase ‘biologically identical’ (here’s where I get mine: estrogen and progesterone) creams which I apply directly to the skin, once in the morning and again in the evening before bedtime. It couldn’t be easier.

While I wasn’t overweight, it was true that I could afford to lose a few extra pounds and possibly benefit from some additional exercise.

I began the hormone therapy and started walking 1.5 miles every morning. Within a couple months I’d lost those few extra pounds, and much to my relief, noticed my bladder control was beginning to return. Within four months, the problem had completely disappeared.

Four years later, even though I don’t walk as much as I’d like (because I’m busy writing articles like this), the problem has not returned. I think the hormone therapy helped the most.

I’m glad I took control of my bladder and life.

We are about to live in a world where more adult diapers are sold than baby diapers, and by far. Think about that for a second… But hey, instead of talking about depopulation and rampant disease, they’re just going to sell you how cool and trendy incontinence under age 50 is with commercials of young adults riding segways in nothing but adult diapers. What a world.



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