130617-restlessboomers-epigeneticsEpigenetics. What is it? The concept of wellness continues to expand. As related in the following article, epigenetics is an exciting new dimension of wellness in disease prevention, as well as treating the whole person, and is receiving high marks in the prevention and healing of many diseases including cancer.

How Epigenetics Will Help You Achieve a State of Wellness
By Russ Curran

The concept of wellness is a process by which a person is always seeking and moving towards their own highest personal potential. It goes beyond the yearly flu shot and obligatory doctor’s visit and disease care system that we now have in place. It is epigenetics. The idea is that your genes have potential and only you have the key to unlocking the healthy genes you were given at birth to transform yourself into who you were meant to be.

Some consider being healthy the absence or freedom from disease. In the concept of wellness, however, it goes beyond that into the realm of vitality and achieving the apex on the health spectrum. In other words, being the best you that you can possibly be.

This concept is designed to be proactive and preventative in nature and helps us achieve optimal levels of health. It puts you in the driver’s seat making you responsible for your own health.

Wellness has a positive approach to life emphasizing the whole person including the physical, mental, and social well being of that person.

A State of Wellness Prevents Future Problems

The concept of epigenetics tells us that we have the ability to control how our genes are expressed or used. We get half of our genes from our mothers, and the other half from our fathers. If for instance, our mother had a cancer gene and did indeed develop this disease later in life, we would then know we had the potential to develop cancer ourselves. However, with a proper lifestyle including a healthy diet and exercise program and ways to manage stress, we could turn off that cancer gene and keep it turned off in our children and grandchildren.


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Keeping our weight in check, especially as we age, is crucial to fighting age related diseases and enhancing longevity. Research shows that inflammation, which increases as we age and produce less hormones, has been found to increase risks of more serious issues such as heart disease and cancer.

Research also shows that homeopathy is the second most widely used system of medicine in the world. Its growth in popularity in the United States has been around 25 to 50 percent per year throughout the last decade. In many cases natural remedies work better than prescription drugs and with fewer or no negative side effects.

Here is an herbal product that has been used since Biblical times and was widely used in ancient Greece for many medical purposes. Modern research shows it to be very powerful in combating diet-induced obesity as well as reducing inflammation.

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Resilience and Empowerment

Wellness or living life to the fullest possible extent is made possible by lifestyle changes which enhance physical, mental, and spiritual health. It goes beyond being disease free, it involves taking the necessary steps to turning off any adverse inherited genes and expressing the healthy ones. This continual movement towards the highest genetic potential is a choice on the part of the individual to continue to improve their own state of being.

Other goals play a part in helping people develop and stick to a plan of action to improve their own wellness. Looking better, feeling better, and losing weight are all goals we would most likely pursue instead of just getting healthier. The level of value we give to our own health determines how much we proactively seek to change our genetic weaknesses and prevent them from being passed down to future generations.

Nurturing Your Nature

Changing the way we eat and the way we live to accomplish some sort of health goal we have is never easy. It takes determination and persistence to develop a plan and incorporate it into our lives. The benefits to taking the first step in improving your health are very encouraging. Once you feel better, look better and know that you will be passing these healthy traits onward to your children and to their children, you will look back on your journey and know it was worth pursuing.

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For tips on how you can improve your state of wellness, let Russ Curran guide you in your journey to health through epigenetics. Please visit http://www.EpigeneticsAndNutrition.com for more information. Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com
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