Who are Restless Boomers?

Boomers live at the greatest moment in human history. While plenty of challenges lie ahead, we have greater opportunity than previous generations ever could have dreamed.

The internet, technological innovation, medical breakthroughs and improving social, cultural and economic awareness offer Boomers the ability to go where no woman or man has gone before.

Taking advantage of such opportunity has everything to do with us as individuals rather than the king, the circumstances of our birth or the collective. Our future resides in us.

The term Baby Boomer implies more of life’s yardstick is behind rather than ahead of us.

Yes, life will be different, for as each day passes, we can look forward to continued aging, additional chronic health issues and eventually an acute medical incident or condition that could take us out.

We’re also well past what used to be considered peak income producing years. Important decisions regarding consumption, expenses and lifestyle lie ahead. Care and caution will become key watchwords, as there may not be as much opportunity to correct or recover from poor choices.

Being nearer the end of life’s yardstick does however provide a different and yes, sweeter perspective. As young adults who were going to live forever, we could run through the forest without seeing, smelling or tasting its vibrant colours, changing landscapes, unusual creatures, delicate nuances and sweet aromas.

It’s easier now to stop, smell the roses and appreciate family, friends, helpmates, soul mates and moments in time. The awareness that our time is finite makes life not only sweeter but increasingly precious.

If this doesn’t make you Restless, it should.

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