Boomers planning on successfully navigating today’s shark infested waters must consistently be willing to understand and adopt new technologies and realities.

One reality is that Boomers are not going to be allowed to hang out, draw generous pension, healthcare and entitlement benefits they didn’t bother to properly fund. Dumping these costs onto future generations is not going to happen.

Polls consistently show Millennials, struggling to build careers, raise families and provide for their own retirement, are increasingly unwilling to pick up the tab for self absorbed Boomers trying to stiff them with an enormous mountain of public debt and entitlement obligations.

It’s imperative Boomers generate the new income streams that will be needed to pick up the slack as existing paradigms run out of gas.    

Incorporating new technologies can be disconcerting, but the sooner you get started the better equipped you’ll be for success. Getting left behind won’t be pleasant.

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