It wasn’t long ago that retirement, largely a male phenomenon, meant going to a party, receiving a gold watch, getting booted out the company’s door and making a hard landing into what was largely your spouse’s domain.

It was a time to hang around the basement and garage, get everything organised, sharpened and up to snuff, work the garden, tune up the car and wonder how you ever made time to have a real job in the first place.

During their mid eighties, mom and dad emphasized how glad they were to have spent their seventies traveling, for their 80s’ were for relaxing, reflecting, enjoying life’s small pleasures and being on time for doctor appointments.

There is a time for everything in life, so it’s important we get the timing right.

Retirement is of course no longer gender specific and may be voluntary or forced early by economic conditions, cut-backs, downsizing, out-sourcing or off-shoring.

It’s a whole new ball game and it’s time to ‘rock and roll’. helps make this transition understandable, smooth and easy.



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