Economies are in shambles following decades of failed policies by politicians and their lap dog bureaucrats, intent upon serving corporate criminals and ruling elite masters of the universe.

Unfavourable demographics and an unsustainable mountain of public and private debt guarantee that entitlement obligations Boomers depend upon, cannot and will not be paid. Default, whether outright or by deliberately induced inflation, is already baked into the cake.

The economic collapse that began in the fall of 2007 was the culmination of decades of reckless spending, fraud, abuse and outright theft, papered over with debt in an attempt to hide declining standards of living. This deception worked until it didn’t.

Even though this disaster is just getting started, retirement savings have already been impacted for millions of Boomers. Before it’s over, the very solvency of public and private pension funds that Boomers depend upon, will be tested. Most will fail.

Central bankers and politicians continue to pile on debt in a desperate attempt to solve this ‘debt crisis’. This has not and will not work. A debt crisis cannot be solved by piling on more debt.

Most economies are headed for the mother of all financial blowouts; one that will dwarf 2007-2008. It’s simply a date on the calendar and which black swan event sets if off. That which is not sustainable will not be sustained.

It’s time for Boomers to get on board the Ark. Since they’re isn’t enough room for everyone, it’s imperative to make sure you’re not one of those left on shore as waters begins to rise. assists the willing to take advantage of tremendous opportunities that are on the horizon.



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